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a retreat poem


A poem by Ellen Day Crady, November ladyvana attendee. Written post Savasana. 

Salty Hair
Sea Air
Bald Eagle Screech 
Boulder Beach
So Cold it Hurts
Breathing, Gasping, Comes in Spurts
Yoga, Zen
Turn Your Gaze In
Loud Conversation
Ferry Station
Golden Light
Starry Night
"Fire Master"
Journey Bolder, Faster
Drinking Wine with New Friends,
Erupting into Fits of Laughter
Alive, Rest
Newfound Zest
Long Walks
Heartfelt Talks
Gorgeous Faces
"Sticky" Places
Veggie Meals
Souls Healed
Black LuLu Mats
Cute Warm Hats
Picture takers
Movers, Shakers
Crystal Gifts
Eyes Mist
Sneezing Brings Belief Shifts!
Learning, Yearning
Hearts are Burning
We Can Feel,
The Wheels Start Turning
Free, Alive, Adventure, Power
Closing Down These Last Few Hours
Homeward Bound
Desires Found
Emerge Anew
We Brave Few
For Us, For Them
Breathe It All In
Stack Your Hips
Turn, Twist
Narrow Down the Longer List 
Using This for Different Reasons
Words May Change with Each New Season
Shining Like the Golden Light, 
The Starry Night
Beacons, White
Burning, Burning
Ever Learning
Stretch Yourself
Twisting, Churning
Whispered Words
Being Heard
Shaping, Making
Guiding, Breaking
Heart's Desires 
Light the Fires Onward 
to Some New Direction
These Few Words 
Bring Change, Reflection.

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